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CPP ‘partners’ with US Imperialism in attacking China

Special Report/By: Pinoy Exposé team

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THE Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) appears to be finally shredding off its anti-American, anti-Imperialism mask after it issued a directive to the New People’s Army (NPA) to principally target US Imperialism’s main adversary in Asia, the People’s Republic of China.

In the statement that has already been reported by the mainstream media, the CPP, last October 14, 2020, instructed the NPA to particularly target Chinese companies for terrorist attacks.

“In particular, the revolutionary movement must take effort to frustrate plans of the Duterte regime to allow the further expansion of Chinese companies, especially those involved in the construction of seven Chinese military bases and in the plunder and destruction of Philippine marine resources in the West Philippine Sea in violation of Philippine sovereignty,” the statement read.

There has been no proof that China desires to build any military base in any part of the country’s territory while US Imperialism has long been using the Philippines, since the turn of last century, as its base for its aggression against Asian countries, such as China, Korea and Vietnam.

US Imperialism too, is desiring to return its former naval base at Subic as part of its “containment plan” against China, using a joint American and Australian company as cover.

By inflicting acts of terrorism against Chinese companies, the CPP is doing US Imperialism another favor as American companies, now mired in recession and with no place to expand in the US mainland, can then come in to fill the void left by Chinese companies, should they decide to leave the country.

Since 2017, when it became clear that Pres. Duterte would not backtrack from his “independent foreign policy” where the Philippines is not only an “ally” of the United States but also a “friend” to all countries to include America’s self-considered enemies, China and Russia, and after Pres. Duterte stopped further peace negotiations with the CPP for the latter’s opportunism and insincerity, the CPP has started to follow the anti-Duterte, anti-China and pro-Philippine oligarch agenda of US Imperialism, represented by the disgraced Liberal Party (LP).

But the CPP’s shameless opportunism is nothing new, however.

Records and testimonies of the CPP’s former cadres now show that among the reasons behind its growth was its “secret alliance” with the country’s ruling oligarchs, such as former Sen. Ninoy Aquino and the biggest landlords in Northern Luzon allied with Aquino and where the CPP-NPA first established their main operational base during the ‘70s.

Is the CPP-NPA just another puppet terrorist group of US Imperialism?

In an article by Dr. Joseph Scalice that Pinoy Exposé published in our issue No. 17 (US Imperialism ‘funded’ Jose Maria Sison’s education), we also bared that US Imperialism, thru the Agency for International Development (USAID), funded the education of CPP founder, Jose Maria Sison, at the University of the Philippines. Scalice is an expert on the history of communism in the Philippines.

That it was now a ‘tit-for-tat’ (you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours) relationship between the CPP and US Imperialism is also alluded to by Southern Luzon (Solcom) commanding general, Lt. General Antonio ‘Jun’ Parlade, in article also published by this paper in our issue No. 20 (‘Is CPP a US-protected local terror group?’).

For the below-average cadres of the CPP, the party also identified for them the Chinese targets that the NPA should attack, pointing out that:

“Some of these same Chinese companies are involved in some big-ticket infrastructure projects for the construction of mining roads and dams that, it claimed, “are encroaching deeper and deeper into the ancestral lands of the national minorities and forests in various parts of the country.”

In making this statement, the CPP is hiding the fact that intense and focused military operations by government forces and the active collaboration of local communities have now driven away the NPA from their former havens inside the ancestral lands of national minorities—and not because of China-funded development projects.

Attacking Chinese companies can also result to a possible diplomatic row between China and the Philippines, especially should the NPA started to not only blowing up Chinese companies but also, kidnapping Chinese citizens for political gains and for ransom.

Creating a diplomatic crisis between the Philippines and China has long been the aim of US Imperialism as it again wants Filipinos to be used as cannon fodders for its military aggression against China, a knowledge that Pres. Duterte is very much aware of—and which he is very determined to prevent.

Alternatively, the CPP is also telling the NPA that Chinese companies, like the companies owned by country’s oligarchs, are rich sources of extortion money in the guise of “revolutionary tax” in exchange for the NPA to stop harassing and destroying Chinese firms and personnel.

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