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Welcome to the ‘Communist Party of Imperialism’

Special Report on the Second Congress of the CPP (Part 7)/Pinoy Exposé Team

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Editor’s Note:

IN the 6th series of this special report, we discussed that because of the wholly undemocratic essence of the 10-Point Program of the Communist Party of the Philippines, a fact contributing to its utter inability to forged a genuinely democratic alliance of Filipinos across all sectors and political belief for the purpose of creating a truly progressive and independent Philippines.

We also discussed that rather than bringing national unity, national development and genuine progress, the ultra-radical program of the CPP—targeting the “destruction” of the Armed Forces (AFP), land confiscation and nationalization of nearly the entire economy, among others– would result to more violence, possible civil war and the real prospect of foreign military intervention.

For this series, we now shift our discussion to the revised Constitution of the CPP, which was approved during their Second Congress held from October 24 to November 7, 2016, in the hinterlands of Surigao del Sur and its most important amendment—allowing foreigners as members and leaders of the Philippine communist movement.

As previously stated, this series is based on CPP documents, its amended Constitution and revised ‘Program’ that were among those recovered by government forces in Baguio City last March 13, 2020, from Julius ‘Ka Nars’ Giron.

Giron and two of his companions were killed after they allegedly resisted the serving of an arrest warrant against him.

Giron was the elected CPP chairman during the Surigao Congress.

ACCORDING to the communique released by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), last March 29, 2017, the 48th anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA), the “biggest important amendment” to the CPP Constitution during their Surigao Congress was the “elaborated preamble which enshrined the Party’s basic principles” anchored on the theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

For all intent and purpose however, the “elaborated preamble” was nothing but an elaborate exercise in self-praise over the CPP’s continued existence in the past 50 years; they are the usual humbug we have been reading since then and now.

Another amendment was the creation of a new article, Article 10, ‘The Role of the Party in the United Front’ that, like its ‘10-Point Program’ discussed previously in this series, bared the non-democratic essence of the CPP’s attitude towards “alliance building.”

As Section 10 clearly puts it:

“As a matter of principle, the Party is the comprehensive leader and center of the Philippine revolution in both national democratic and socialist stages. It leads the armed struggle, the united front, mass movement, the local organs of political power and eventually the Democratic Republic of the Philippines.”

In plain language, the NDFP is just another “department” subordinated to the will of the CPP and its ultimate goal: the creation of a “socialist Philippines” thru violent means.

And in further support of this aim, CPP members, under Article VIII (Party Groups in Mass Organizations), are tasked to create in secret, “party groups” of three members each at “every possible level” in any existing mass organizations—peasants, youth, students, women, cultural workers, professionals, handicraftsmen, the OFW communities abroad, religious groups, etc.

They would, as the local “party branch,” form the core of communist subversion of these organizations.

And if some people are “puzzled” over the case of an American with Filipino and South African blood, Amado Khaya Canham Rodriguez, then wonder no more.

Amado Khaya Canham Rodriguez, as appearing in social media. The military said Rodriguez is no ordinary activist but rather, an instructor of the New People’s Army. Was he the first foreign recruit of the CPP?

This is because the CPP, as a matter of policy, has opened its doors to foreigners. For us, this is the biggest, important amendment, to the CPP Constitution, not the elaboration of its preamble.

And true to its deceptive nature, this was never mentioned in the NDF communique.

Section 1, Article II (Membership) of the CPP Constitution, now made it clear that the party welcomes for membership “any Filipino or resident of the Philippines” who is a believer of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and willing to subordinate himself to the party.

Further, Section 4 of Article II also states: “Under special circumstances, higher Party committees and Party groups in mass organizations may directly accept a new member including non-Filipinos.”

Rodriguez, described by CPP front organizations as an ‘ordinary activist’ building houses for poor Filipino communities, succumbed to COVID-19 last month.

(And quick to capitalize over his sudden death in Mindoro island from the pandemic at just age 22, CPP front organization even managed to raise US$39,221, or about P1.9 million, thru an online fund-raising drive).

Active in the American civil rights movement, Rodriguez came to reside to the Philippines two years ago. He can be presumed to have been recruited by any of the NDFP member-organizations based in the United States.

And by the new policy of the CPP, he is qualified to become a party member.

Southern Luzon (Solcom) chief, Lt. General Antonio ‘Jun’ Parlade, citing testimonies from NPA fighters who have surrendered to the government, unmasked Rodriguez, who went by the alias, “Ka Allen,” as a former leading NPA cadre who helped train NPA fighters to also become assassins of the NPA’s elite unit, the ‘Special Operations Group’(SOG).

By recruiting foreigners in its rank, the CPP can no longer be distinguished from the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and other Muslim terrorist groups who now have foreigners as fighters and leaders in their ranks.

And if the local Muslim extremists rely on their un-Islamic interpretation of the ‘Koran’ in welcoming foreign terrorists from the Muslim and Arab world, the CPP intends to do better:

It would recruit any foreign communist in any part of the world willing to take up arms for the sake of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Thus, government troops battling the NPA should not be surprised to be confronted by foreigners armed to the teeth, similar to their firefights now with the ASG.

For the local communists on the other hand, how will they react if, in their future assemblies, they find foreigners occupying seats of power and influence in the CPP?

How would a Filipino communist feel if he ends up being bossed and ordered around by foreigners who embody the “imperialism” that he has dedicated his entire life to destroy?

Welcome then to the Communist Party of Imperialism? (end of part 7).

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