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LARRY Johnson, a former CIA analyst, who is presently among the rarest individuals we can find— also Scott Ritter, Douglas Macgregor, Nima Alkhorshid, Ray McGovern, John Mearsheimer, Maria Zakharova, among others– now telling truth commentaries on the geo-political developments, laughed off the latest “promise” of US State Secretary Anthony Blinken that Ukraine “will eventually be joining NATO.”

Blinken, a habitual liar notorious for distorting facts and producing “alternative truths” if necessary—the bogus Russian interference in the 2020 US presidential election quickly comes to mind— made the assurance last April 4, 2024 in Brussels, on the 75th anniversary of NATO.

And Johnson, guesting on the ‘Dialogue Works’ program of Alkhorshid last April 7, was quick to see through Blinken’s again fooling Ukraine to continue fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian. Johnson noted that Ukraine joining NATO at this point is like a “guy with no arms and no legs joining a track and field club that runs a marathon every weekend.”

More than $200 billion the collective West poured into Ukraine over the last 2 years of conflict in Eastern Ukraine that include their most advance weaponry and crucial intelligence have not changed the situation.

Russia, despite difficulties, is now advancing towards western Ukraine while destroying Western military hardware along the way, its economy has grown despite sanctions, and Ukraine has just seen two of its field armies—over 500,000 men dead since the collapse of its own ‘counteroffensive’ last year; Russia’s Ministry of Defense said that in the first quarter of 2024, Ukraine lost another 80,000 men.

The appalling lost in human life in Ukraine was rightly described by the Western Mainstream Media (WMSM) as the ‘Russian meat grinder’ where an average of 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers are now dying every day.

Ukraine continues to fight on based on their blind faith on the promises of the West, words and promises that presently turned out to be just words and promises. No actual money is going to Ukraine today despite the shameless near-daily badgering and pleas of Pres. Zelensky.

It is clear Western support for Ukraine is strategic as Ukraine is the doorstep by which they intend to dismember Russia into “tiny principalities”—and exploit all its natural and human resources to pump life into the dying Western capitalist order.

What the West failed to do after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 they intend to do now thru their proxy war in Ukraine.

Here in Asia, Western Imperialism has long set its eyes on the Chinese mainland, dreaming on the days it has complete control (again) of China, its resources, and its people.

And in this ‘China Project,’ the doorstep is clearly the Philippines, where, unfortunately, we have a leadership also showing blind faith to the words and promises of the West and the correctness of its rules-based global order.

We may be of strategic value to the West insofar as their war against China is concerned but why would they support us the way they have supported Ukraine? Heck, defense of the Philippines is not even a priority of US war planners today, the way it has been during World War 2.

And what if, like the Ukraine proxy war, the West’ planned war against China turned out horribly wrong for them? Whose soldiers and country would be fed to the war meat grinder in the meantime?

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