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Western Arms is like a dog: Loud bark, effeminate bite

AFTER more than two years since the start of Russia’s ‘Special Military Operation’ (SMO) in February 2022, targeting the eastern part of Ukraine to save from certain annihilation its Russian-speaking population from the hands of the Western-backed Nazi regime in Kyiv, many lessons have been learned.

One, that financial and economic sanctions against an independent and united country such as Russia no longer works and as a two-edges sword, its blowback has proven more detrimental to the economies of the West.

Two, bludgeoning Russia not only militarily but thru an unending psychological warfare using the Western Mainstream Media (WMSM) has also proven ultimately ineffective with many more countries, particularly in the Global South, realizing that Russia’s fight to uphold its national independence and identity is also their own.

They have come to realize that they have more in common with Russia and its present titanic struggle against the West because it all boils down to this: Subjugation. If Russia is conquered in this Western Proxy War, everyone else would be subjugated by the West—there is no doubt about this.

Third, for all its pomp and arrogance and its much-ballyhooed ‘military superiority,’ the entire West has now been shown as a bunch of naked emperors prancing on the stage believing they are fully clothed while their “modern arms” is akin to a dog with a loud bark but effeminate bite.

Indeed, as the conflict with Ukraine entered its first year and ahead of Ukraine’s much-publicized ‘Summer Offensive’ last June 2023 (that faltered miserably by August), the faint-hearted would have fainted over the way the WMSM have listed the armaments that NATO and its Overlord, US Imperialism, announced they have sent to Ukraine.

It would be a clutter to name them all here but probably, the only remaining item in the West’s arsenal they have yet to send to Ukraine are nuclear weapons—but we cannot be sure, given that desperate times calls for desperate measures. And yes, the situation in Ukraine is getting desperate by the day over its and NATO’s battlefield incompetence– and inferior arms.

Thanks to alternative and independent media sources, the world, particularly those in the Global South, are seeing the truth from the pile of marketing rubbish that came with every modern Western arms. Against the weapons of a peer adversary like Russia, “they burn beautifully,” as Pres. Putin of Russia had said. And he is correct. The battlefields of Ukraine littered with Western arms of all sorts can attest to this.

Another way to describe them is: They cost like hell but underperforming in the modern battlefield.

We are stating all these things given that the Philippines continues to be enthralled with Western arms, Western military doctrine, and Western military strength.

We are stating this because the other important lesson of the war in Ukraine is that Western arms cannot be trusted to save us from invasion or annihilation.

Like Ukraine, buying them or putting our trust in them would sink us further into the blackhole of unending debt but they would not ensure we would retain any semblance of dignity when actual war erupts.

For our own sake and survival, let us use our remaining time before armed conflict hits Asia to consider more prudent and workable diplomatic options.

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