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Another proof of duplicity of America as our ‘friend’

LAST April 22, 2024, the US State Department released its Country Report on Human Rights Practices, an annual report that is used by Uncle Sam to whitewash its well-documented horrendous human rights record by blaming everyone else, its friends and foes alike. After all, this is the way the United States has maintained its fake immaculate image all these years.

But for our purpose, what caught our attention is the report focused on the Philippines, where, surprisingly, it commented on the first paragraph—to immediately establish the narrative and negative impression—that “there were no significant changes” in the country’s human rights situation” and that further, there remains “significant human rights issues” based on “credible reports.”

Considering the length and manner by which the present administration has bent backwards—and even down on its knees—to accommodate each and any American wish: more military bases, permanent stationing of US troops and armaments, aligning our foreign policy to American interests, among others, we would have expected the State Department to kind of “pull back” of its review of our human rights record. This is what we do for “friends” who have done a lot to advance our interests. In local language, we call this “konsiderasyon” (consideration) or better still, “pakisama” (getting along).

Other than this, fully knowing its own cupidity and transgressions that encompass the world, the United States should have been mindful that damning other countries over their human rights records can only make it look a hypocrite of the tallest order, undeserving of even the slightest praise.

But then, this latest American judgement on our human rights situation—erroneous on many points– could serve as another wakeup call to our officials into realizing the contemptible manner by which Uncle Sam, our former oppressor and continuing master treats us.

Looking at the matter closely, the report is, to us, a reflection of America’s mindset about the Philippines that has developed over 100 years of occupation and domination:

We can always try to please the Americans any way possible but in return, the Americans will always mistreat us any time that it wants regardless of any consideration and consequences. To them, we shall always be suckers for the Americans.

Indeed, to press the insult in, the report even cited the accusations raised by communist front organizations. As the “smartest” race on planet Earth, the Americans should not have allowed its official report to be polluted by such obvious communist propaganda.

But since the commies’ lies are there, it only goes to show that Uncle Sam could not care less whether its report is fair or accurate for as long as it can find the words to indict us once again.

Oh well. We probably deserve such treatment because we continue to swallow our own pride by allowing our so-called “friend” and “iron-clad ally” to treat us this way.

And we should not be surprised if our neighbors are laughing behind our back—again.

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