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War preparation thru mind conditioning

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BUT for the fact that US Imperialism has always been a threat to world peace and the foremost aggressor country at the end of World War 2 in 1945, people could have simply laugh off the stupidity and craziness that attended America’s reaction over a weather balloon that went off its course (according to China) while passing over the United States early this month as a reaction of an old ‘Uncle Sam’ going senile as the decades went by.

After all, its self-imposed role of being the “Global Policeman” can be a tiring job especially if the enemies that it seeks to destroy are all of America’s own making, starting with the Soviet Union and now, China.

Indeed, the hysteria, even among ordinary Americans that attended the seeing of a ‘Chinese Spy Balloon’ floating over the sky of America reflects the success that US corporate media and the military industrial complex in creating Sinophobia that would eventually be used to justify its coming war with China in order to preserve its global hegemony and its claim of being the ‘primus interpares’ that no one, even China, is questioning, to begin with.

That the campaign for Sinophobia is succeeding is also borne by the fact that a Reuters “fact check” pointing out that the balloon, really, is as American as apple pie, was simply brushed aside.

And we have seen it before: America has always been patient in actually destroying its perceived enemy thru war by mind-conditioning the American public to accept war when it comes.

In the case of the Soviet Union, war against Japan is yet to be concluded but US Imperialism is already looking far down the road towards hostility against the USSR by dropping 2 atomic bombs on Japan to send the message that America would not tolerate any other competitor in the global scene.

In the case of its war against Iraq and Libya, the seeds of US aggression against these countries date back to the presidency of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter in the late 70s and early 80s that finally took off in the ‘90s and 2000s under President George Bush and Barack Obama.

We have seen it too in its campaign against the Russian Federation, this time in tandem with its puppet NATO countries who have been all working in tandem to inch ever closer to the Russian border since the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Unfortunately for them, Russia is not as stupid as the Filipinos that the result was the Russian preemptive strike against the NATO puppet state of Ukraine this same month last year.

As for China, the US has been plotting against China even as both World War 2 and the Chinese civil war have been raging in the ‘40s, made more compelling with the defeat of its puppet Kuomintang Army in 1949.

Indeed, when the Korean War erupted in 1950, Pres. Harry Truman sent the 7th Fleet rushing not to the Korean coast but to the Taiwan Strait, in a clear demonstration of its Anti-China policy.

And now that China’s rise to the global stage cannot be prevented anymore, no one should be surprised if America went nuts again over some other trivial nonsense.

It is called war preparation thru mind conditioning.

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